Spring Assemblies

MCO can supply with its wedge sockets assemblies a full complement of isolation spring bushing assemblies specifically designed for the rope size and rated load of the wedge socket assembly. All assemblies are provided with the necessary spring, bushing and washers to ensure quiet and safe operation of the elevator. Below are our standard models we have in inventory.

Model Diameter Socket Series
EM701 1/4-5/16″ (5-8mm) EM70
EM801A 3/8″ (10mm) EM100
EM901 7/16-1/2″ (11-13mm) EM200
EM1001 9/16-5/8″ (14-16mm) EM200

We also have a variety of isolation bushing assemblies for our EM400 wedge socket assemblies but require specific application data to quote.

To place an order

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